Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's A Miracle

Good pictures don't just happen.
They are mathematically and scientifically manufactured.

The fact that I've taken a few photos that turned out OK?
A fluke.

I attended my first photography class this evening.
Before either them (husband/wife team) take a photo, they:
- set a custom white balance
- determine the best ISO speed
- do a metered light reading and adjust accordingly
- choose an apeture
- choose a shutter speed
- adjust the blinking focus point thingy

- then take a few pictures and readjust all over again.

And they said, "Good photography, good art is all math and science."
They couldn't have said anything less inspiring.

I was hoping for a class that didn't get all hung up on F-stops and depth of field. Brother. Now I have to engage my brain. I so didn't want to have to do that.

So, other than that, how was the class?
Well. I was the oldest and fattest person in the room.
And pert near the dumbest when it came to camera savviness.

What am I doing there?

By the way, Sandra is coming to the class with me.
And at the end, when Darcie came and sat with us to see how we were doing, we chatted abit about photographic situations (like walking at Cresent Beach and trying to capture the sunset and golden water. Or vacationing and trying to take pictures of the sights. And so on.) And then Sandra stopped mid-sentence and she says, "Oh, and we're not gay or anything. It might sound weird about us walking the beach at sunset together and stuff, but we are not a couple. I'm married and have two kids. It's just that my husband works nights, so we have alot of free time and we like the same things. And she's been married, but her husband took off, but she has three sons. And just so you know, we're not gay."


So, I'm supposed to memorize shutter speeds and f-stops and halving and doubling and figure out my light meter by the next class. And bring a picture of "twisted".

I wish my nose would stop dripping. It's raw from all the blowing.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Non-gay friends who take photography classes with me.
2. SO thankful that I don't have a tape-worm. Ewwwww. Heard the worst story today about one tapeworm's beady eyes peering up at the back of a 70 year old woman's throat. And DO YOU KNOW HOW THEY GET THEM OUT? Too gross for words. I am still gagging at the thought of it.
3. Sharon just Gmail chatted me and asked if it was alright if she popped over one day while I'm at work TO WEED MY GARDENS.



ramblin'andie said...

That sucks. I really wanted to do this class too. But if all they talk about is f-stops and such, then I'm already too dumb to take this class.


I hope you're enjoying it despite the math??

Rebekah said...

I'm so glad you're taking a photography class! Yesssss!! I look forward to see how/what you photograph for now on! WOOOO.

Tricia said...

Sandra needs to start a blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sandra. All we know about you is that you aren't Jane's gay partner.