Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quebec City

I'm finally getting around to posting my pix from Quebec City. (I've got a head cold, centred in my sinuses and I'm just feeling lazy. And achy.)
We left Montreal on Thursday at noon, hopped on Via Rail and took a 3.5 hour train ride to Quebec City.
This was our room: This was the courtyard of our hotel:
We dropped our things then went exploring:
Our hotel was at the top of the hill, so we wandered down through the town, stopping to shop at the "good" stores.
We got to the edge of the city and found it was completely walled. In fact, it's wall is 4.8 kilometers long, and goes all the way around old town. I just googled it, and found that this is the only walled city north of Mexico.

The buildings were beautiful. It helped that we were viewing them during "the golden hour" (according to Clint, the 60 minutes before sunset is the golden hour.)

I loved the brick buildings:

We did an evening "walk about" - and unlike Old Montreal, this town was still wide awake at 10 pm.

A shot of our hotel at night:

And again, our hotel on Friday:

The weather was spectacular, so we walked along the promenade for an hour or so. Another shot of our hotel:
Drew and Clint looking at the St. Lawrence Seaway:
Looking down on "Low Town"; murals on buildings were commonplace:

The first cathedral in North America, built, like 300 years ago.
It was updated with a plasma screen TV:

Drew taking pics in the cathedral:

On Friday we went on a bus tour and drove through the still-active army base. There were guards, just like in England:

And again with photos of our hotel:
On Friday evening, we took the thingy down to Low Town for dinner:
It was quainter than stink.

This is the thingy:

The cobblestone streets were uber narrow and completely flower filled. SO incredibly beautiful.

Val posted a photo of this building on facebook, so the whole time we were in Quebec City I was looking for it. Kind of like a scavenger hunt.
Found it:

Bikes on brick walls. Fun.
That's our hotel waaaayyyy up there, between the buildings:
How fun is this? Watering can lights. Yes, they lit up at night. Too cute I tell ya:
And another shot of water can lights, brick buildings, cobblestone streets and street-side cafe's:

I love this city:

Drew inbetween 2 buildings wondering if he could scale them:
Clint, shopping:

One of the gates in the city wall:

Lunch in front of an open window, admiring the view:
And, one more shot of our hotel:
But the absolute BEST part of our stay?
Was the surprise presentation we saw on Friday night at the water front.
While we were on our bus tour, I ended up taking the only empty seat left (Drew and Clint sat together) and it was next to a single man, about my age, I'd say. He was friendly and well traveled and recommended we take in the free show at the Port of Quebec that evening.
"He's a douche bag," Clint said.
He was not. He was just being nice, but Clint and Drew were not receptive. Anyway, we found ourselves down by the water front after dinner, so we agreed to stay for "just 10 minutes".
Oh my goodness. It was UNbelievAble! We stayed for the full 40 minute presentation.
"SO well done."
"Wow. Just wow."
We couldn't stop commenting on how spectacular the whole thing was. Details can be seen here, but really, it's one of those things you have to see in person to fully appreciate.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. We experienced an unexpected pleasure every single day on this trip. Sometimes it's best not to overplan... leave some room for spontanaity.
2. My head cold is in my head, not my chest.
3. Short work week to ease me back into my regularly scheduled life.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed -- it was a totally awesome show. We almost didn't go but had been told that it was worth it. Loved it! Your pictures take me back -- I could have spent another 2 weeks in Quebec City. . . . maybe another time.