Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank You, Andie

I took your advice and slept with a "breathe-right" strip stuck across my nose last night.
And while I'm still all stuffed up, I was able to sleep with my mouth closed.

It's times like this that I know I will never get married again. Can you imagine?

And, thank you Andrea, AGAIN - for your tip on how to reset a blog that has used up 99% of it's allowable space. I now have a gazillion bits of the internet to use up however I want. Of course, in the process, I needed another email address and another password. So that makes 17 email addresses and 146 passwords. Anyday now, my head is going to explode with all these things I have to memorize.

Know what? I haven't been to Curves in like, forever.
Know what else? Halloween candy, in those convenient little pop-in-your-mouth packages, are all over the place. Including the drawer beside my fridge.
And ... it's impossible for a person with sinus issues to weed her garden. Go on. YOU try. Can't be done.
And guess what? It's Thursday. Yay.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who share their good ideas.
2. A sunny week. (Even if I haven't been able to enjoy it because I'm so sick. Cough cough. Sniff.)
3. A son who is happy, really happy about going to school. Yay for new clothes.



ramblin'andie said...

I'm always happy to share ideas. Now if you know how to make my blogger header not look so sucky....

Hey, I think this weekend is going to be sunny. That's positive thinking in action and not the weather forecast. If I'm wrong I donewannaknow!!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about the breathe right. Tried them and I think they were okay. Oh yeah, I know that weeding is difficult with sinus issues. If your teeth hurt, it is just your sinuses playing tricks on you. I am an abundance of knowledge regarding sinuses - HOW SAD! Can't wait to buy a bag of ROCKETS when I get back. See you in two weeks.