Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4. 4. 4. Let's sing a song about 4. How many is four?

Did you just hum a Sesame Street tune when you read that?


Four things I did today -

1. "Today" started at midnight, right? After I blogged about the Passion concert I went to bed. I lay on my right side and looked at the ironing board set up as a clothes-pile holder between my bed and the window and had a vague feeling of putting my telephoto/zoom lens down on a similar horizontal surface. I stood up, walked over to my dresser and moved aside the basket of toys placed there (whenever my kids "clean" their rooms, they put their unloved items in the middle of the floor in the upper hallway or in my bedroom on my bed and dresser for me to deal with. I wonder how much I'm really going to miss them when they move out?) and THERE it WAS. My lost/misplaced camera lens was there, all safe and sound, being protected by Batman, Two-Face and the Joker. So the short answer to the question is; I found my lens. Because God helped me remember where I put it. I'm hoping the rest of my answers won't be this long or we'll be at this for hours.

2. I had lunch today.
I know, big whoop.
But today's was different.
I usually eat at my desk - today I sat in the lunch room and ate with Denise, Tarra and Brenda. We talked about our kids and our parents. Yeah, it was good.

3. I celebrated Marj's birthday with her and 12 of her friends. Sue put a "David" apron on Marj (instead of the traditional party hat) and she wore it all night. After many funny/horifying travel stories were tag-team-shared by Sue and Barb, Marj picks up the front of the apron and brings the penis part up to face and says, "Wasn't David a Jew? Shouldn't he have been circumsized?"
and then a closer look was had by those sitting nearest to "it"; prompting some discussion.
"What do you mean? That's been done."
"But this part here, the ridge, that's where it should..."

Yeah. No one throws a party like Sue.

4. I watched Drew smile and frolick at Flip City while I waited in the parking lot for 10 minutes. Then Rusty turned off the lights and Drew came out. He hasn't smiled since.

Four things on my To Do List:

1. Hire a carpenter, cleaning lady, detailer, lawn-mower-guy this week.
2. Test drive vehicles with Drew on Friday.
3. Tell friends about the Brian Doerksen concert and see if anyone wants to come.
4. Plan a digi-scrapbooking night. Make sure cleaning lady has visited first.

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:

1. Reading the latest People Magazine. (Paul Newman died?) The article was so touching/heart-warming. He loved that wife of his. So cool.
2. Playing Mexico Train Dominoes on my laptop while wearing Sponge Bob pajamas on my couch in the living room with a frozen chocolate melting in my mouth.
3. Beach walking. Any beach. Anytime of day except morning.
4. Raspberry and Mango gelato.

Four random thoughts:

1. "I wonder if I should be paying attention or at least be a little bit concerned about the way stock markets are, you know, not doing well around the world?"
2. "Chris Tomlin is single? And only 11 years younger? InTER essssting..."
3. "My very favoritest holiday of the year is only days away and I've got a sad feeling about it because everything seems different this year."
4. "Bite sized perogies are not as good as regular sized ones."

Four bloggers who should post their own "FOURS" on their blogs:

1. Andrea
2. Shannon
3. September
4. Tricia

(and Rachel, Carolyn, Karyn, Clint LOL)

Four things I'm thankful for:

1. I have a not-boring job.
2. I have red shoes. (Too bad they make my feet stink.)
3. The opportunity to pray for Seoul, Korea.
4. Facebook.


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Anonymous said...

WHY did you tell me about mexican train dominoes? My kids have been mocking ever since. Here is one for you - jigzone.com Jigsaw puzzles without the mess.