Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fort Langley Cranberry Festival

These shoes are made for walking... It was the perfect day to stroll around Ft Langley:
... THOUSANDS of us all had the same idea. Hundreds of us had cameras around our necks. (Well, mine isn't usually around me neck. I wrap the strap around my wrist. I'm cool that way.)
Wish I coulda got a better pic of these three oula's on the chairs outside the antique store. Walking past them gave me a Mayberry-RFD feeling. (If you were born in the 80's or later, it's a sad thing that you won't get that reference.)
This alley feels so much like Montreal. Except the part that this is all English.
Next year? I want my window boxes to look like this. Remind me next May.
For those of you who've never been... here's the famous fence outside the quilting shop:

See that guy sitting behind the post? Know what he's doing? Mixing formula and putting it into three tiny baby bottles with a syringe. He looked very tired.
Sandra, roving photographer, looking for something that says "energy":

Know what this is?
Can you feel the energy?

Fresh popcorn, Kettle style ...
These would be big pumpkins. That huge, pale one at the back? 700 pounds.
I'm not much of a wild life photographer, but this guy was cute. He was whiny. Obviously one can't take a picture of the whimpering sound he was making; but it was cute.
He needs some clips to get those bangs out of his eyes. (Her eyes?)
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Two hour facebook chat with Clint. He felt like talking.
And the best part? He asked me for my advice on something. And when I gave it? He said, "thanks. good wisdom."
2. Fun afternoons.
3. Get to spend tomorrow evening groaning about a tummy full of turkey while playing Yahtzee with my mom and sis.

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