Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Forgot

Tricia and I were going to start adding photos to our photo blog again. She sent me her photo. I've taken mine.

And I totally forget the passwords for Right Coast-Left Coast.

Nit wit.

Maybe I'll remember where I wrote it down. Because I predicted this day would come. Too many blogs. Too many email addresses. Too many passwords. Teeny tiny little brain.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A Prayer Sandwich Day... the first person that spoke to me this morning (Drew doesn't count. That thing he does in the morning? Is more like a grumpy growl) was Trevor. And he didn't just say any old words. He prayed for me. It was pretty awesome. I should hire someone to stop by and do that every morning. A great way to start the day. Of course, while he's praying, I'm crying. So when he's finished, he says, "Sorry I made your face explode." And then tonight, the last adult that talked to me (Max's grunts don't really count as conversation...) was Carson on the phone. And he ended our conversation by saying, "Can I pray for you and your meeting this Saturday?" And he did. Right there in California and in my ear. What a terrific way to end the day.
Get it? My day was sandwiched between two prayers.

2. Clint is coming home tomorrow. Yay. I love anticipating good things.

3. This whole business of hearing God's voice? I think He spoke to me today. He used Trevor and Carson's bodies, but He wanted me to know some things. Thanks, gentlemen, for allowing God to use you. Feeling awfully blessed right now. And of course, there's that part about my favorite guy from Saturday night's concert writing a comment on my blog. Can you tell I'm smiling?


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