Saturday, October 4, 2008

I woke up at 5:30 am, with a sick feeling ...

... about the power point file that was redesigned, approved, updated and saved onto our server. It was supposed to have been burnt to a CD and shown as "filler" during today's seminar. I got out of bed 4 hours after I collapsed into it and tried to work on a solution.

I have no confidence in my file burning capabilites. But I managed to retrieve the file from my-work-email-trash-can and figured out how to burn it to a DVD. (We have no blank CD's in the house.)

I was at the hall by 7:30 am and started setting up the registration table right away. I put the rented tablecloths on, the added the booklets, tickets, give-away pens, and so on. When Shannon arrived at 7:45 I asked her to add the skirting to the tables.

Turned out the tables were not skirt-friendly, so I asked the facilities-guy to check to see if I could have the same tables I had last year, because, look, these clips don't work and I need skirting because, see? All this stuff I've got stored under the tables doesn't look so good.

Off he went with a sample clip.

Meanwhile, early birds started arriving and I looked unorganized. Which I wouldn't have been if the world were a kinder place. He (Kevin-the-faclities-guy) came back, bringing one table at a time because really he only has two hands.

Chaos was reigning as people were trying to register and I was setting up the tables while Shannon was fiddling with the skirting and I remembered that you only have one chance to make a good first impression and I was blowing it.

In the theatre, Jer, our tech guy, couldn't get the DVD I burnt to work. I pulled out my laptop and showed him that it was in fact on the DVD and on my computer, so we had to track down a USB flash drive and do something.

The first hour was an endless series of misfires. I so wish I had had more sleep this week.

At noon, while everyone dispersed for lunch, I fired up my laptop and checked emails and facebook. Did you see the anonymous comment on yesterdays blog? It made my cry. Right there in the lobby outside the mayor's office ... Thank you annonymous for your kind words and decision to pray for me. I am honored and humbled. The internet is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, by the time the gig was over and everything was packed up, it was after 5. My feet? Are swollen to thrice their natural, God-given size and are rebelling. My face is resting on my chest. And all I want to do is take a nap.

I got home and was met by four 14 year old boys and this:

I am so tired of the messes generated by the people I live with.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I can and will sleep in tomorrow.
2. I can and will go to bed earlier tomorrow.
3. I can and will force Max and Drew to help me clean up.

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