Monday, October 20, 2008

If you wouldn't mind...

It has been suggested to me that I bring along a portfolio to my meeting on Saturday morning. Remember? The meeting with the PUBLISHER... Did you forget?

And I was wondering if, you know, you could help me decide which blog posts I should bring along as a sample of my writing.

Have I written anything that has touched you? Made you cry? Made you laugh? Made you nod your head in agreement? Made you gasp in wonder at the brilliance of my insight? LOL.

Seriously. I would appreciate your suggestions.

Oh. Oh. OH! I know! I have an idea. * waves hand wildly in the air* I'll have a contest. Everytime you suggest a post, I'll put your name in a tupperware mixing bowl. On Friday at noon, no better make that, On Friday after work, I'll, no better make that, Drew will pull out a winning name. And the winner will get... will get... uh. What would a pixnprose reader want?

Some prose. A pixnprose reader likes to read. So... the winner will get a $20 gift card to Chapters. Or if you're out of town (or out of the country) how about a $20 Amazon gift card? AND AND! The winner will get a signed copy of my first book. Hahahahaha LOL.

Seriously. Please help me.


Anonymous said...

I printed out your post from June 14, 2008 and put it in my "Parenting" file, which I turn to in times of trouble. But sometimes I re-read it even when there's no trouble just cuz it's so moving.

That's my pick!

Be true to who you are as a writer - not who you think they'll want. You, as you, are very good!!!

Anonymous said...

Valentines Day 2008

Anonymous said...

Feb 7/07 - made me, and made me glad I didn't have boys.

I'm looking for one you wrote about Mark and marriage - I thought it was right around the time your folks moved out of their old place but I can't find it. Am having fun though skimming through. I started reading in about Sept or Oct of 06 and it's amazing to look through over two years of what's been a daily read for me.
This is me affirming you; I love your blog, love starting my 6 am mornings with what you wrote only a few hours before as you ended your evenings. Your blog is my first stop each day.
Uh, don't tell the others.

Anonymous said...

Friday, Oct 26/07 - the one about your dad and how he helped you...I blogged about it after I read it...the proof is on my blog...
September (again) who seriously needs to go bathe her kid and stop reading your old blogs. I would be an awesome stalker.

Christine Lindsay said...

Jane, our writing journeys began around the same time, both birthed from heartache. How far God has brought us, and still the desire to write is undeminished. You are my first--and one of my dearest--writing friends.

I am holding you up in prayer for this God-appointed meeting. Here is what I am asking God for you, and more.

Father, take what Jane has learned from the ashes of heartbreak and struggle, turn it into the oil of joy that will flow out in written words to many women who hurt in similar ways.

Give Jane a wide open door, expand her ministry. Flood her with opportunity, bless her with tingling excitement and anticipation of what YOU will do through her. Use her, give her great success in the publishing world, so that her desire to write will further Your kingdom and bring healing to those experiencing emotional pain.

Sit beside her on Saturday, hold her hand, and give her a big hug before and after.

Your writing pal.

Anonymous said...

November 29, 2006 awesomeness
September (again)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find it tonight, but it's the one when you tell your dad's story. I thought you did such a good job of that. . . for what it's worth.