Sunday, October 19, 2008

You know what I love?

Besides God, my family, chocolate cupcakes with white icing, my down-filled blanket, days when it doesn't rain, night walks, and time spent with friends?

I love excellence. I love it when people do things with passion and excellence.

For example, I used to be mesmerized watching my mom use the adding machine when she totalled columns of numbers... her fingers flew over those keys with confidence and accuracy. She loved bookkeeping and it showed.

Another example ... watching my brother replace the crown mouldings in my living room. His buddy Ken worked alongside him and it was like a choreographed dance - the two of them cheerfully, expertly, doing what they do best.

Tonight I was fortunate enough to witness another type of excellence. Janice and I (and Peter and Phil. They wanted to come too. So we made them sit in the backseat ...) decided at the last minute to go to the Steve Bell concert in Abbotsford.

After the first song, I sat back and said to myself, "Well, he ain't no Chris Tomlin. And this sure isn't a David Crowder concert. Hope I can stay awake..." And then ... well... I guess I grew up. And realized that some types of music don't need the whole rah rah, audience participation thing to be good. And tonight's concert? Was good. Very good. OK. It was excellent.

Know what my favorite part was? Watching the 4 musicians respect and enjoy each other on stage. Mike Janzen, the jazzy pianist? Was incredible. When he broke out and did some crazy tinkling on the keys, the other guys just sat back and enjoyed his whacked out solo. My favourite member of the group, Jon Buller, is a worship pastor from Vernon Alliance. He just looked plain ol happy to be performing with the guys ... he smiled the entire time. Then there was my friend, Faye's brother, Roy Salmond - who played everything from the accordian to the ukele - with ease and obvious joy. And, of course, the guy who put the group together for this tour, my friend Karmen's cousin, Steve Bell.

Not only are the lyrics in his songs "deep", his chatter between songs was thought-provoking and full of wisdom. I was tempted to take notes. But I didn't. Cuz who takes notes at a concert? I should have though. Because now? When I'm searching my brain for an example of his wise chatter? There's nothing there. Can't remember one single thing he said. But as he was talking, I was all, "Wow. This is gold. So insightful. So inspiring. So true." And now? So forgotten.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see Steve and the gang live, I'd suggest you go. Really.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Evenings like tonight.
2. Musicians who share their love of music.
3. Trees.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally forgot to enter this concert in my calendar, so I missed it. I usually enjoy his concerts because, like you said, he's thought-ful and thought-provoking, and usually not "fluffy". Glad you enjoyed it inspite of the difference in style of the other concerts you were at.

Anonymous said...

I am the smile-y guy that is enjoying the opportunity to make music together with Mike, Steve, Roy as well as Kerri the opening artist and Dave, our fantastic sound engineer and manager.

I am humbled and appreciative to read your comments about the concert, and wish you all the best! I believe when we express ourselves and what God has given us, we reflect Him and so the joy, and / or creativity that results is simply a reflection of Him.

Thanks for your sincere encouragements! They are received with gratitude.


Jon Buller