Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

In the olden days, like say, when Clint was 14 (like Drew currently is) I was able to "control" the kids' Halloween activies by hosting parties at the farm where dad and mom lived. We usually had about 80 people there, mostly families - and one year we had over 150 guests.

Components of the party included a bonfire, night game for the teens, potluck weiner roast and a firewords presentation. Inevidably there would be some individual gunpowder explosions as well ... but there were so many adults around, I never worried.

This year, Clint went off to his own party. Max, as well, left as soon as he could pack his things up. So that left me and the boy.

He invited John, Brett, Mike and Garrett over for some sketchy fun. They hammered their screechers, wrapped the gunpowder in duct tape, then put the wildly explosive devices into their zip-up binders, camoflauging them as homework in their backpacks.

And then strapped them to their backs.
Yes, they walked around the neighbourhood with backpacks full of things that go boom on their backs with the idea of blowing them up at the park, in the woods, at the school playground...
Drew comes from a long line of piro's from both sides of the family. I wasn't so much worried about his life being in danger, or fearful that he'd lose an appendage or digit. I was, on the other hand, very concerned about the other kids. Most of them had never played with toys this dangerous before. And for sure, none of their parents knew this was their plan for the evening.
And then there's that thing. That thing were the police station is two blocks from my house.

Let me tell you, I really wished we had access to the farm this evening. Instead I stayed home, played Mexican Train Dominoes, handed out chocolate bars, bubble gum and McDonald's coupons to 60 - 70 kids while praying non-stop for the safety of the kids in my care. It was exhausting.

Some of the boys are staying for night.
I don't like the movie they're watching. Why can't they just watch an animated Disney show? Do they have the push the envelope in EVERYTHING?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All the chocolate has been eaten. Just a few Caramilks left in the freezer.
2. The enthusiasm with which Drew's friends carved their pumpkins.
3. God listened to me yak all evening about my kids and safety and wise decisions...

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