Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Need A Haircut.

And some colour.
Maybe a new face?
I feel drab. And old and ugly and fat and blah and pushing 50...

You know how when someone calls you on Wednesday to invite you to something on Sunday it sounds like a good idea on the Wednesday but maybe not so much on the Sunday? Yeah. It was like that tonight.

But I went. With limp dull hair, ill-fitting clothes, and insecurities a mile high. Bonnie picked me up (yes, this would be the tall, thin, perfect-skinned, not-dull haired, fashionably dressed Bonnie) and we went to a gathering made up of women who attend the same church as we do.

There were about a dozen of us, all looking to make some sort of connection ... Northview is a huge church with three services and it's tricky getting to know folks in that kind of setting. So we had coffee, made Christmas centerpieces, heard the life-story of one of the pastor's wives, and met the Pastor of Women's Ministries.

I was not going to do this again, remember? At THIS church I was just going to sit in the back row and not get involved. Slip in, scootch out. Just there for the preaching. Not for "community" or friendship.
I know, I know ... What Bible am I reading? Slipping and scootching are not what God had in mind when He invented churches.

So, by His design, and in response to His urging, I was invited and accepted that invitation to go a level deeper in the church that He built. I met Linda, Linda, Virginia, Fran, Adri, Dorothea, Donnie, Bev and I forget the rest... New friends?


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This morning - all 4 of us in the same church, at the same time, for the same service. Whoa.
2. An awesome afternoon for taking photos. So much fun.
3. The pumpkins have been removed from the property.


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Tricia said...

Boy are singing my song. I feel dumpy and saggy and I'm pushing 50...whah.....