Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It was a glORIous Day hERe on ThE WesterN COast of CAnAda

The sun? After playing peek-a-boo for awhile this morning, came out in stunning fashion and brightened up a perfectly colourless world.
Honestly. Those barenaked trees? Should be embarassed showing their privates like that. Put some leaves on buddy.

But aside from that, it was lovely, just lovely to have the sun join us today.

What suh-prized me about today was my overwhelming lack of energy. Jeesh. You'd think that with all the no-rain, I'd be itching to get out there and walk. Or putter in the garden. Or deal with the garage. Or, well, just MOVE. Move my limbs. Take some steps. Not sit.

Huh, there you have it. The proof is in the pudding. Doesn't matter what the weather, November is a hard month to get motivated in. For me. Others of you are all energized and peppy and annoying. Someone's facebook status was "So-and-so just finished all her Christmas Baking" - another one was, "Christmas Decorating all done. Shopping just about finished." Or the other ones that revolve around the gym and working out ... "I'm off to the gym! I love it there!!" "I love my personal trainer - thanks for the great workout!"


Know what I did when I wasn't working?
Drove Clint to work.
Picked Clint up from work.
Picked Drew and his friends up from Fraser Heights where he watched the Vball tourney. Dropped everyone off.
Did a big grocery shop.
Put stuff away.
Closed the desk drawer that is full of papers that need my attention.
Re-stacked all the files on the kitchen table that I brought home from work.
Cleaned up the dishes and counters.
Drove Drew to Flip City.
Picked Drew up from Flip City.
Spent an hour, maybe 3, on Facebook.
And watched an episode of Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch. Holy cow is that ever a bad show. Not bad because of the witch part, but just bad. Poor writing. Worse acting. (And I think I was the only one in the world watching tonight's episode "getting" the bad pun re: Kate Jackson's guest starring role... and her comment regarding the reputation of the name Sabrina.)

So this is my post for tonight.

I will step away from the computer and do something. There are still a few hours left in this day. Maybe I can redeem the day by checking something off my list.

It's all about the checkmarks.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Kyke came and helped Clint fix his truck. yay. Clint can drive himself to work tomorrow.
2. My sister is going to attack my bangs with scissors tomorrow.
3. 3 jugs of milk in the fridge. I feel rich.


UPDATE: It's 1:00 am and I've paid all my bills. Thrown out about 10 pounds of paper/junk mail, entered two online contests, earned 6 bonus airmiles just by logging in, bought a BluRay player from my airmiles account, had a bath and started reading a good book.
Check. Check. Check.
I can go to bed now. The day wasn't a total write off...

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raych said...

People who love the gym should be punched dead in the face.

Everything should shut down for November. All workplaces and schools should schedule due dates for late October/mid December. November should be left to navel-gazing.