Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Last Thing I Wanted To Do ...

... on this miserable, rainy November evening was get out of my pajamas, wash my hair and drive to Abbotsford.
Yes, that's right.
At 5 pm I was still in my Sponge Bobs tidying the kitchen, sorting the desk area and doing laundry.
Just as I was stepping into the shower, Clint called from his dad's garage wondering if I could bring him the extra set of tires we have stored in the shed.

You do the math...
Sandra was going to be at my place at 6 so that we'd be on time (for the first time) for our 6:30 pm Photography Class in Abbotsford - located 30 minutes east of me. I am naked with a towel wrapped around me NEEDING to shower at 5:25 pm. Mark lives 8 minutes south of me.

I have my shower. While I dry and bend my bangs, Max cleans the crap out of the back of my truck and fills it with 4 tires.
Sandra arrives at exactly 6 pm with not a stitch of makeup on, three-days-dirty hair, wearing track pants, with none of her homework done.

We drive down to Mark's place where Drew, Clint, Dallas and Kyle are waiting. I step out of the truck to see how they're doing and immediately get wet, flat hair with unbent bangs.

Leaving the boys at 6:15, we head east, getting on to the freeway at the exact spot we should have been getting off the freeway. So we take the next exit and double back.

After we pull into the parking lot, I gather up my things (camera, three lenses, tripod, folder with printed homework, notebook, purse and cell phone) and we head over to Unit #3's door. I am getting wetter, which, honestly? Is not a good look for me.

At the door we realized that we were in the wrong complex so we get back in the truck and proceeded to the next driveway.
By the time we are settled in the studio, it's almost 7 pm and my bangs are flat across my face, extending well past my nose.

This is the right frame of mind to be in for learning.

And tonight we tackled Depth of Field.
Which has to do with my favorite (not so much) setting: the aperture one with all those f-stops.
To help us understand the relationship between focal length, aperture and point of focus, they set up a display of old cameras and children's toys and had us photograph them with different points of focus.

This stand that the objects were on?
Was 8 inches off the ground.

Each od us took a turn sitting/squatting on the floor, bent over so our elbows were almost resting on the ground, taking photos.

The camera in front is in focus, the one behind? Not so much. Intentionally.
Green one in focus:

Orange one in focus:

Different lens. Green one in focus:

I don't sit on floors much these days.
Those bone spurs on my kneecap? Rebel when I bend them like that.
I got home at 9:30.
At 10:30 I called Clint to see if I should come by to pick up Drew. He called me back at 11 and said they were at the McDonald's way over at the other end of Langley, and yes, I should come pick up Drew, he was with his friends and wasn't planning on coming home for awhile.
So at 11, I went way over there to pick up Drew and at 11:30 he tells me he needs his laptop (I've grounded him from it for 2 months) to do his homework and if I don't give it to him it's not his fault if he gets in trouble.
I bought this yesterday:

...For my digiscrapping class next Monday.
I need to have this installed on my laptop. I don't know how to do that.

There is a sticker on the front of it that says "Includes Scrapbooking training software". How perfect is that? Apparently it will "make all my photos extraordinary". Which is a good thing because this photography class I'm taking is challenging my brain (with all the math) and my body (with all this 8" off the ground photo shoot stuff).
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Marie Calendar's Frozen Chicken Pot Pies from Costco
2. That dad and mom don't live on the farm anymore. All this rain? Would flood/is flooding the barn.
3. Scrabble on Facebook. Seriously. I love playing.

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