Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Things

3 Things I'm Thankful For:

1. The way the sun, when it's in the west, lights up the trees in the north against a cloudy grey background.
2. The way, when it's bedtime, Drew is very talkative and friendly.
3. The way that Who's Line Is It Anyway always makes me laugh.

3 Things I Need to Do This Week:

1. Sort through 9 rubbermaid containers labelled "Christmas" and give 6 of them away.
2. Phone a handyman and hire him to do all the fixing-up jobs around here. ALL of them. Enough is enough already.
3. Get the pressure washer from the cabin. Next week I blackmail one of my kids into using it. On the driveway and back deck.

3 Movies I Want To See:

1. Four Christmases
2. Australia
3. Twilight

3 Seasons I Love:

1. Summer
2. Fall
3. Spring

3 Things That Have To Change:

1. The amount of food I buy.
2. The number of hours I sit.
3. The conversations I have in my head.

3 People I Love Most In This Whole Entire World:

1. Clint
2. Max
3. Drew
- note, these were not listed in order of preference.


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