Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby It's COLD Outside ...

O's go on their annual Christmas Tree Hunt.
One child is happy to be there.
The other two?
Not so much.
"Uh, guys? Can I take a few posed shots? I need one of the three of you together for the Christmas card..."
"Now you tell us. I've got crappy clothes on..."
"No way. I haven't even showered. I look awful."
"I didn't do my hair. Forget it."

It was minus 4 degrees and apparently these snowboarding sons of mine do not own any clothes suitable for cold weather.

Too cold to smile.

Or be nice to each other.

Because I now have furniture in the living room, the tree was going to be set up in the front entrance hall where there is a 16 foot ceiling.

The sky was the limit. If the sky is 16 feet high.

It's not so much that we found the perfect tree as it was too cold to keep looking.
Clint was the holder of the saw, so it was his turn this year to lay down on the soggy ground and work up a sweat.

Drew was to lean into the tree and push it over.

It fell over right on top of him.
Maybe because Max was pushing from the other side.

Again, as in previous years, the wisdom of choosing a tree from the back of the lot was discussed during the 10 minute walk back to cashier shack.

"OK. Stop. Christmas card shot, OK?":

"Now a close up.":

"Can you just put down the weapon and look this way?":

And that's about as good as our annual Christmas card picture is going to be this year.

Clint, securing that puppy so it wouldn't pop out while driving home:
And then the REAL challenge.
Getting that trunk to fit into the stand.

We gave up trying to have it straight. It's just too big to manoever.

My entrance way one hour before some friends came over.
A complete disaster.

This room was clean though:

Too bad it was so cold. Everyone was bundled up under blankets, shivering.

When Rose got up to leave, Sandra said, "Stay longer, we haven't talked. Why are you leaving so early?"
Rose replied, "It's just too cold here."

I seriously have to get some storm windows. And have that fireplace fixed. And get the furnace checked. And replace some of the doors. And buy a new vacuum. And get fatter friends.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Memories. Traditions.
2. Friends. Family.
3. Today's "Thought from God" after reading James 3 and 4: Let God work His will in you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
I'm in the market for a new digital SLR, if you can believe it, I'm still using my 35mm Canon EOS. I was just wondering what your using to capture such beautiful pics?