Monday, December 1, 2008


I've got company coming over this weekend.
So what have I been doing?
Cleaning out my closet.

There is no chance in heck that I'm offering tours of my closet anytime soon, so why? Why do I need to box up all those clothes that no longer fit, those purses I no longer like, those doodads I no longer need tonight? Why?

Because I'm a freak.


September made an interesting comment regarding Clint's bucket list on her blog earlier today. She said "it got me to thinking. Wouldn't we know ourselves better, as well as the person we were considering marrying if we knew what was on their Bucket List? That's a good thought."

And that got me thinking.
She's right.

Everyone should have a bucket list. A list of goals. A direction to head towards. And if you're single and dating, ask to see your date's list. Any red flags? Any points of connection?

I also think Bucket Lists should be revised every 5 years or so. Because at some point maturity will hopefully kick in and doing things like: "Ride a horse at gallop through a desert in the middle east during sunset; Ideally wearing a Bedouin bandanna over face with AK-47 slung over back and/or machete fastened at hip. accompanied by one or two other riders. Sun should be massive and deep red, our shapes silhouetted against the dying light. We ride with purpose and urgency" will fade in importance compared to "Experience the wonder of the It's A Small World Ride at Disneyland with my 2 year old daughter."


By the way, in case you were wondering, the UPS guy was by again today. Clint stayed home and waited for him. We were hoping he'd be by closer to 10 than 2, but no such luck. He dropped off my Blu Ray player a few minutes before 2.

Apparently I need a special cord to make it work. A $100 cord.

Isn't that silly? If you buy a microwave oven, the cord that makes it work is part of the purchase price and is in the box. Same with a clock radio or bedroom fan.

I'm thinking this is abit of a rip off.


Clearly I don't have much to blog about tonight. I'll end this now.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My closet has so much room in it now. Woo Hoo.
2. Those little tiny Christmas oranges. SO sweet.
3. There's a brand new year just around the corner.



Anonymous said...

I am also a freak. Hockey night sounds great. Two freaks at one game - WOW!

Clint said...

it's only $100 at Futureshop and best buy because they gouge consumers. you can find the cord for $9 online.