Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jesus, My Boy ...

Every even year, the kids are with their dad from the 24th to the 26th. 2008 is an even year. And ever since the O's bought a place at SunPeaks, the kids spend the remainder of the holiday snowboarding in the mountains. (This year from the 27th til the 4th.)

So this year "my" Christmas with them was on the 23rd after a day of work. Only, trouble was, they weren't really interested.
I had pre-purchased tickets for us to see Jesus, My Boy at the Pacific Theatre earlier this month, but despite my weekly reminders, they forgot. And when I reminded them, they were angry and wanting me to forget the whole thing.

"Just when you were thinking the Christmas story – the one from the Bible – was growing somewhat dusty, Pacific Theatre has brought it back to life with JESUS, MY BOY, a comic reminiscence about parenthood, carpentry and the coming of the Messiah."

Dinner was sushi from Nikko's at 6:00. Three of us were at the table.
We were to leave at 6:30, just as Clint arrived. After totally guilting him into it, he joined us.
After picking up Mandi, who forgot as well, we made it to the theatre 4 minutes before 8.

The place was almost empty and the play was just OK.
Not as comedic as I had hoped. No one laughed. But it was a well done one man show. We all agreed the musicians were awesome. But who knows what the long-term effects of seeing the Christmas Story through Joseph's eyes will be? Who knows how this infusion of culture will impact their lives?

Anyway, we got home at 10:45 pm and had 10 minutes to do our annual Christmas Stocking treasure hunt and then open our gifts to each other before Clint had to leave. He had two more events planned for the evening including an overnight party. And after he left, Max needed to escape as well, so he went for a walk.

And that was it.
By 11 o'clock it was over.
Merry Christmas.

A few minutes later the snow started falling with earnest and didn't stop for 16 hours.

And then at noon on the 24th?
And then a nice thing happened.
A really nice thing.

Clint came home and got stuck at the end of the driveway.
So he and his brothers shoveled. And I took pictures. And it was just the most wonderful thing in the world.

And then?
Clint, Drew and I went shopping. Together. And we bought Drew a camera with the funds he was anticipating getting from his dad and my mom. And my heart was full.

And this is Christmas. Shared moments of joy with those you love. And hope for more moments ...
And peace. Peace about the way things are.

And it's about Jesus.
His birth.
His life.
His sacrifice.

Merry Christmas, friends.
May you share many moments of joy, hope, and peace and be surrounded by those you love this season.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Happy music
2. Hope
3. The snowboots my mom bought me 14 years ago for Christmas.

Peace to you -

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