Monday, January 19, 2009

Jane - 0, Fog - 1

Twas a beeyooteefull day in my neighbourhood, so Drew, Sandra and I thought we'd go on a photo shoot.
Drew's never been to Stanley Park (that he can remember) so we thought we'd head into town.

People. This was a mistake.
Everyone in the Lower Mainland had the Exact Same Idea. It took us almost two hours to get from my driveway to our parking spot in the park.

And when we parked? What did we see?
We saw this: Yes, as we entered the park from the east, FOG was rolling into the park from the west. I coulda cried. We left warm, bright, sunny weather and went straight into the misty, cool, fog shrouded city. Were we nuts? WE SHOULD HAVE TURNED RIGHT OUT OF MURRAYVILLE.

Anyways, we made the best of it.

I can't begin to tell you how very thrilled I was to have Drew along.

This is him and Sandra photographing the advancing fog:

As always, a couple of love birds:

( I think I'll start a collection of photos like this. I love the emotion in them. All that love. All that hope.)

The lighthouse:

Canon vs Nikon. Dueling cameras.
We walked around the point, and it was SO cold if you didn't have gloves and two hoodies on like I did. The city shots, that we were really hoping to get, didn't happen. The fog was acting like a bully.

To be honest; a day with your kid and your camera, is not a bad day. Regardless of the weather.

Thinking we might be luckier on the other side of the Lion's Gate Bridge, we crossed over and kept going til we got to the end of the line at Horseshoe Bay Village. We paused for a Starbuck's break ...

... and see? In the distance? We watched the fog roll into the bay, minutes after we arrived.

Too bad, so sad.

Sandra, our driver for the day, drove with her Starbuck's cup in her hand.
"I never do Starbucks. Ever. But I gotta tell ya, I feel so... so ... trendy. And hip with this. I feel cool. It feels good."
I'm sure the good folks at Starbuck's will be happy to hear of the power of their cup.

Our next stop on our race against fog, was in response to my suggestion that, "Hey, it's almost 4:00 - let's go to the look out on Cypress and you guys can take some shots like I did on Friday."
I bet that all 124 people who read my blog on Saturday told their friends, who told their friends, because Holy Hannah. It was packed.
SO packed that they turned us away and wouldn't let us in to park.
We had to 'keep driving up the mountain, mam. You're holding up traffic."
So we drove up and then came back down.
Drew and I opened our window/door and took a shot from the van while it was moving:

And then, near the bottom of the mountian, but still higher than the fog line, we pulled over and parked in a construction zone.
It was fenced and gated and most importantly, I guess, it was locked.

Drew is a hard core photographer, so the barriers did not prevent him from getting his money shot:

There he is, on the very edge of the world, capturing the sun setting on the city of fog:

So proud of him.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends with cameras and nothing to do on Sunday afternoons.

2. A son who was cool about spending an afternoon with his mom and her friend and their cameras.

3. A God who invented sunsets.

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Christine Lindsay said...

Amazing shots of the fog rolling in.