Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanks, Drew

In exchange for him assembling some Ikea furniture for me, I agreed to drive him to Cypress and pay for his lift pass tomorrow. He started off a little bit angry at the whole negotiation. However, once he got going, and had Rush providing the background music, he found his groove, and did an awesome job.
He decided, though, that furniture assembly would not be a job option he would seriously consider as a career path.

He put together two of them for me and suggested that maybe, instead of putting the wheels on the bottom of the second one, maybe stacking it on top of the first one, might be a good idea... it would take up less floor space.

We gave it a try, but I think I'll put wheels on the top one and have two rolly cabinets as originally intended.
Look how awesome these drawers are:

Don't they inspire you to make something?

Thanks, Drewbs.

Love you.
By the way?
Pictured below is my old craft-organization-system, which ROCKED three years ago. But not so much nowadays.

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Trev said...

I think many more things would be accomplished in life if Rush provided the background music.