Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If You Are My Facebook Friend, You Will Have Already Seen A Version of This:

25 Random Things About Me.
(It's this thing of facebook. EVERYONE is doing it.)

1. I have been driving for 32 years and have only owned 3 vehicles; a Camero, an Intrepid and a Durango. I've been in 4 accidents that were my fault. And 8 that were not. I have totalled 3 vehicles. Yay me. I've had a squeaky clean driving record for 6 years.

2. 930 days ago I wrote a list of "100 Things I Want to do in 1000 Days". So far, I've only done, like, 56 of them. I'm going to be so stinkin busy visiting parks, drinking new teas, trying new recipes and tanning on Vanocuver beaches this month.

3. I am not a fan of houseplants or pets. Your dog really might be adorable. I just don't think so.

4. I've never had a cup of coffee. Or even a sip. But I do spent alot of time in coffee shops. And I get my fair share of caffiene from chocolate.

5. I don't drink alcoholic beverages either. I just don't like them Sam I am. Not in a box, not with a fox.

6. I won awards at high school for being the top German student, the top Home Ec student and for being the secretary of the bowling club. Yeah, that's how cool I was/am. I also got a 94% in bookkeeping. I KNOW! I hate bookkeeping.

7. I skiied as a teenager, but took up snowbaording when I turned 40. I loved it for about 5 minutes.

8. Two churches shut down after I moved into the neighbourhood and started attending them. I am The Closer.

9. My favorite possession is my camera. Next in line is my laptop. I have a mini-episode of inner turmoil whenever I have to share them. And you'd be surprised how often I share them. I am a wonderfully unselfish person.

10. My Kolbe MO is 8463 which means I am perfect. Kathy Kolbe said so. (Hey, would you be interested in getting your Kolbe scores? It is fascinating. Insightful. Fun. Relevant. I'm thinking of having a Kolbe party. Kinda like a Tupperware Party but so not. Well, it's expensive like Tupperware, but way more better.) I did not get the top English student award.

11. I am a proud member of the Write Away Gang. Only one of us has written a book. I did have an interview with a publisher recently, though. He told me to keep on bloggin. So here I am, obeying.

12. I have a number of blogs. Pixnprose is my firstborn; it'll be 5 years old in June. Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment, OK? I'm needy.

13. I love the internet. It was because of blogging that I made two new friends; September and Tricia. And these are not superficial relationships. They are real. Are too. Yes they are. And I love facebook. Not so that I can spy on my kids, despite their conviction that I am a creeper. I just love playing scrabble with M, N, T, S, M, G, L, A, B, T, and looking at everyone's pictures. For example, Leanne just got engaged! Yay! And she posted the funnest pictures on her page. I love that. You have no idea.

14. The hardest thing I've ever done (besides raise three boys) is the Grouse Grind with a youth group back in '99. Sheer stupidity on my part. However, even harder than that will be losing weight. And one of these days I will. Well, the Mexico Missions Trip was a bit of a physical stretch for me too... actually it was a HUGE stretch.

15. Every year at Christmas I hide the kids' stockings and prepare a treasure hunt with at least 15 clues to help them find them. This year one of the clues directed them to "Jon Pue's favorite cupboard in our house". It was the easiest clue of them all.

16. One of my most favorite traditions is Creationfest in the summer. I love the heat. I love the bands. I love worshipping with my friends. I love the kids I take along. And the best part? I rent a motorhome and have my own 4 walls to sleep behind. I have intimacy issues. I wish I didn't. I sense they'll get worse as I get older.

17. I have three sons. They all have brown eyes. They all are left handed. They all are aliens.

18. My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11. I am SO counting on there being a good master plan.

19. I don't know my right from my left. I always have to fake write in the air to figure it out. If I have to figure my left from my right foot, I pretend to write with my foot ...
(That's endearing, right?)

20. My mom is so cool, she's on facebook. When I was in elementary school, she was the mom with the beehive hair do, hot pink mini skirts and white vinyl go-go boots. I was not that mom when my kids were little; I wore Costco jeans, baggy sweatshirts and had permed hair.

21. Almost my entire work wardrobe is black. It's just easier that way. Everything matches.

22. Just because I worked in the craft industry for over 20 years, people mistakingly assume I'm crafty. Ha. Can't tied a multi-looped bow to save my life. Ask anyone. I suck.

23. I choose regular pencils over mechanical pencils everytime.

24. I love reading. And I love it when a book calls me to action. Ever since reading Dutch Sheets book on prayer, I have this burden to pray for everyone in my life. The more people I know, the longer the list gets. So now I have a complicated calendar system set up in my bathroom so that I don't miss anyone. I pray while I do my face and hair. I am such a freak.

25. My worst job ever? Being a Real Estate agent back in the early '80's when morrtgage rates were 25%. My hardest job ever? Being a farm labourer for Bevo, working in their greenhouses, squatting amongst the plants that were growing 4 inches off the ground. First job? The Hobby Hut at age 16. Funnest job? Billie's Country for almost 20 years. Most spiritual job? My current one where everything is covered in prayer and everyone in the front part of the office is a reverend or pastor.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Great night for a walkntalk. Loved it.
2. Made another facebook friend. I feel so priveldged and a tiny bit excited when someone adds me. What am I? 16?
3. Clint's baptism is on Sun Feb 22 at Youth Church's evening service. Come, celebrate with me.



Anonymous said...

You're lucky you included me in number 13 or my feelings would be HURT!
:) Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

I just so love you, and I don't even know you! And not just because you called me a "writer, perhaps english teacher??" in a post I left anonomously at your doorstep (figuratively speaking, of course, although I have periodically thought about showing up on your actual doorstep offering to clean your house which is the ONLY thing we don't have in common, that I am fanatically clean and organized... but I digress) Anyhow, just wanted to tell you how much I like you. Even though I hide behind my favorite pseudonym, "Anonymous", you are my secret twin sister/best friend. Besides, it's just a bit too weird and spiritual and cosmic and karma-ish that my actual name is "Jane"! Have an awesome day!

ramblin'andie said...

I hate to be ornery and disagree with everything you say, but you are a very crafty person. Maybe you're a perfectionist too?

Jane said...

Andie? Did you notice how crafty I was making cards? Maxine designed and cut everything. All I had to do was glue.

And I glued it on wrong so the card opens backwards.

Anonymous/Jane? Seriously. Start a blog. I'll leave love notes for you in the comment section.

September? Hi.

Anonymous said...

I'm number 19 too, and I have a lefty son. Talk about a strong gene pool!