Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warning. Extreme Cuteness to Follow:

This is Naomi. She's my cousin, and she's holding the girl twin, ANNA, her precious niece. This is Ellie, my cousin, and she's the twins' mom. She looks fabulous, no? (You would not believe how flat her stomach is. It's really flat. I kid you not.)
Meet Noah, the bright-eyed alert one on Saturday night:

Amazingly beautiful...

Anna was being contemplative:

And trying to figure things out...

He just looked at everything with wonderment:

Naomi and Anna, bonding:

My friend, Vern and I babysat the twins on Saturday night so that Ellie and Lawrence could go out for dinner to celebrate her 43rd birthday which was that day.
The twins? Slept for almost the entire time.

Very easy to take care of sleeping babies.

Before we left we did one last late night feeling: Auntie Margaret (my dad's twin) is burping Anna. I'm feeding Noah:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Wonderful whirlwind 40 hour weekend in Winnipeg.

2. Satisfying, slow and meandering conversations with Vern.

3. Drew is recovering (see next post), Clint is home from his snowboarding trip in one piece, my longing to snuggle a baby has been satisfied, all four of us had dinner together and the academy award acceptance speeches were tear jerkers again. Life is good.

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Tricia said...

Those are two beautiful babies!