Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's Age Got To DO With It?

I was having troubles with Facebook this morning ... SSSLLLOOOWWWW transitions from page to page.

"Grrr. Facebook is being a douche-bag" I muttered to myself.

"You are, what? 47 years old? I don't want to hear you say those words again. You are too old to be using language like that" Drew admonished me.

So, it's not that he objected to the words I was saying. Just the fact that I thought it would be OK to use it, considering my advanced age.

And speaking of ancient ages...

Good grief.

Today, again, on Facebook, a young mom from Murrayville Church, who I play alot of Scrabble games with, mentioned me in one of those Facebook Friends Question and Answer Thingies.

How was I mentioned?

"Name of the oldest person to write on your wall" - Her answer - Jane or Marj.

Then this happened in her comment section:

Jane at 12:51am February 7
Who's the oldest? Probably Marj or Jane???I am your oldest wall-commenting-facebook-friend?Oy.

Marj at 8:21am February 7
At least it's not me me! (Jane) hahaha I can't even do this thing because if you read my 25 random things list, I can't copy and paste!!!

Melanie at 8:43am February 7
Jane, I can't say for sure since I don't know your exact mom's on here and she's 54, so you be the judge!

Marj at 8:46am February 7
Hahahaha. You might want to delete that last comment before Jane sees it. She's not even close to 54. I think she's like 47.

I still have teenagers in my house! I say inappropriate words! The eighties were MY decade!
Her mother, is like, a grandma. And has, like a 30 year old daughter.

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