Sunday, March 8, 2009

America's Most Miserable Cities

1. Stockton, CA - only 15% of the adults in Stockton have a college degree
2. Memphis, TN - 30,000 residents work for one employer, Fed Ex
3. Chicago, IL - 10.3% sales tax
4. Cleveland, OH - 52" of snowfall per year
5. Modesto, CA - highest car theft rate in the US
6. Flint, MI - GM Motors only employs 10% of the number of residents it used to.
7. Detroit, MI - Mayor spent 4 months in jail last year for being slimey.
8. Buffalo, NY - 90" of snowfall last year. Population is shrinking.
9. Miami, FL - violent crime/corruption "off the charts". 25% of the mortgages are deliquent.
10. St. Louis, MS - the only city to score in the bottom half of all 9 categories.

The funniest part of this article? Reading this comment from a resident of Chicago:

The delight of variety in weather and temps is that you get to have more outfits (shopping!), more sports paraphenalia (water, snow, hiking, etc), you can actually have a great fire on the beach or in the fireplace when it is chilly, and the cold in winter (which really is not that bad unless you don't know how to dress) kills the "germs." Plus you can get a great tan in spring/summer and we have a beautiful fall, which is the best season of all.

I'm guessing she's 20 years old.

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Tricia said...

I'm surprised Orlando wasn't on the list.It is the angriest city in the US. Actually...a lot of Fl cities made that list.