Sunday, March 29, 2009

Divorce = Hemorrhoids?

Do you have a gmail account?
Do you ever notice the ads that run across the line at the top of your inbox?
They usually have something to do with the content of your most recent email. For example, if someone emails me about losing weight (yes. People do email me their diet suggestions), then the ad across the top might be for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

I got an email to my Gmail account a week ago asking me if I'd write out my story for a Brave Woman of Faith series that a friend will be launching on her blog.

She said "Would you consider writing a piece of how the Lord helped you through your divorce, and afterwards, the healing, the struggles of single parenting. I'd be especially delighted if you'd even want to put it into a few or several chapters to tell the fullness of it. I'd love it to be in your own voice."

The ad across the top of my inbox:
Treat Hemorrhoids - - Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Get Results. Act Now.


raych said...

Ok, A.) HA!!

And B.) Does it not freak you out that gmail is READING YOUR MAIL?!?!?!?

Jane said...

Blog comments are delivered to my other gmail account, so when this comment of yours, Raych, came to my inbox, the ad across the top was for: - Colon cleasing super luxury toilet seat


raych said...

*dies laughing*

Now your gmail account is creeping in my bathroom.