Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Spring Break and I'm Not Going Anywhere

Last November after a Ladies Event at Southgate, Rose and I sat in my truck in her driveway for a couple hours and talked. She invited me to visit her in Puerto Vallarta again this year. I told her I would.

The thought that I was going to Mexico got me through the month of December; I planned to go in January. Late Janurary. Early February at the latest.

And then? Well. Things got bigger and plans got delayed and then Mark said he was taking Max and Drew to Florida for Spring Break so it only made sense for me to go away that exact same week...

I have issues.
And they're my issues. I know. And it's stupid. I know.

But really? I just don't have what it takes to be the single person sharing a vacation with three other couples. I've come a long way in 10 years, but not that far. And, then, there's that whole snoring at night thing. And sleeping in a bedroom with another person thing. And the bathroom? Has no door - it's open to the bedroom. (I would have shared the bedroom with Rose's 20 year old daugher, Victoria)

So I backed out of the holiday.
I know.

And then I thought, with Sandra's prodding, that I'd do something else next week while my kids are gone. So we looked into Vegas. Phoenix. Orlando to visit Tricia. The Olympic Penninsula. Victoria. The cabin at Cultus.

I'm staying home.

I'm not goin nowhere.

A bunch of the projects that I've been working on at work have encountered unexpected delays and I have a feeling that an avalanche of paper will slide into my office early next week. Anyone want to stuff envelopes? I'll have 2500 pieces of mail to go out on Wednesday. And hopefully 1000 cards on Friday.

Seeing I'm staying home? I've lined up a parade of men to waltz through my residence next week. On Tuesday, Josh will be by to tell me how much it'll cost to paint my stucco from pukey peach to manly brown. On Wednesday, Todd will drop in to tell me how much it'll cost to get my yard in shape. On Thursday, Mark - The Yellow Van Handy Man Guy will come over and spend 4 hours being my own personal slave. I can hardly wait. Maybe he'll be able to get my fireplaces to work just as Spring arrives. Maybe he'll be able to remove that brass and glass tub enclosure in the boys' bathroom. Maybe he'll be able to fix my front door so that it opens without kicking it. Maybe he can fix all the holes in the walls from where the boys have put fists and feet through.

And on top of that?
I still have a new vehicle to shop for.
The fun just never stops when you're an adult.

So, yeah.
Spring Break in Langley.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The opportunity Max and Drew have to spend some time with their dad in a white-sand/blue water location.
2. The Office. And ER. Did you watch tonight? Both shows were fabulous.
3. My job. I love managing envelope flow. Very satisfying to see the last envelope of a campaign leave the office.


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Anonymous said...

I have free time and would love to come and stuff envelopes.