Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jane took a chance.

Last Friday, Carolyn and I drove in to Regent for a John Stackhouse booklaunch event. On the way, we chatted about literature. The name Tolstoy came up, as did Dante. Both of which meant nothing to me, as I was a Business Student NOT an Art Student. And I used to read Danille Steel, not William Shakespear. However, I engaged in the conversation as best I could, considering my limitations; those being -
1. I am blonde
2. I am inadequately educated
3. I was driving and traffic was horrendous

The bookstore was having it's Annual Sale, so, as previously blogged, I bought alot of books. One of them was a crapshoot. A risk. A purchase made without much preliminary research. (Unlike my eventual vehicle purchase. THAT has been researched TO DEATH ALREADY.) But it was a hardcover book on sale for $3.99

"All writers believe that there is one book that they and they alone were born to bring into the world. The great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy believed his was A Calendar of Wisdom.

Here is a profound and passionate collaboration between the Great Creator and one of history's consummate artists. That we should be able to reach through the portcullis of the past to share the private observations that inspired Leo Tolstoy to discover the sacred in the ordinary a century after he gleaned them is miraculous."
Sarah Ban Breathnach

I love that ... "discover the sacred in the ordinary"...
And? He was born to write THIS book? The one I got for $3.99?

Want a taste?

From today's date:

"One of the major responsibilities of a person is to make that intellectual spark which you have received from heaven illuminate the world around you." (Chinese proverb)

"All that we know, we know through intellect. Those who do not believe - who say you should not follow your intellect - remind me of people who suggest that you turn down the only lantern which shows you the way into the darkness."

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Jane, for taking a chance on Tolstoy. He's good; altho I haven't read this book,his novels are good.