Friday, March 20, 2009

They'll be home tomorrow.

Other than the six-lined email from Drew last Sunday, I haven't heard from either of them.
My clean, quiet, newly organized house is going to be turned upside down.
I have mixed feelings about that.
I feel guilty about having mixed feelings.

It's Friday night.

I had thought I'd do something wonderful tonight, in recognition of it being the first day of Spring n all. But I got caught in a spectacular rain storm as I ran across the parking lot to my truck after work and it completely wrecked my hair and make up. So I came home, intending on freshening up and DOING something. Something unplanned. Something spontaneous. Something celebratory.

The handyman came back for half an hour to finish up a few tasks, and then after he left I fell asleep like an old lady and now? Well, the whole idea just seems silly. People my age aren't last-minute-spontaneous. Everyone my age is married and with their husbands, snuggled on their couches watching TV and being content.

I need some lists.
1. Lists of last minute fun things to do. (Because sometimes when you're in that minute, it's hard to think of what to do. And then the minute is gone and you end up watching Friends reruns.)

2. Lists of people who would welcome a phone call at 7:30 on a Friday night and not be all "what's she calling so late for? Did nothing better come up? Am I her last desperate phone call of the night?" I need a list of friends who would respond with, "Oh good! I was just going to call YOU! Let's do something!"

3. List of meals to make. This has nothing to do with list items 1 and 2, but I used to have a list like this. On file cards. Twenty file cards with meals on the front (ie. Parmesan Chicken, Rice, Glazed carrots) and ingredients on the back. Then, once a week, I'd shuffle through the cards, pick 5 or 6 of them for the upcoming week, take them with me when I grocery shopped and voila! No 5:00 pm anxiety over what to prepare for supper. I need to do that again. I need new recipes. I should look through some of the dozens of cook books I own. Maybe later. Or tomorrow. Or! Here's a fabulous idea! Get each son to pick out a new recipe and fill out the file card....Ooops. Sorry. I got lost in a fantasy world for a second.

4. Make a list of places to walk for an hour. NOT that going to White Rock or Cresent is ever going to get old, but maybe there are other good places to stretch one's legs and take photos? And maybe those places won't require a person to drive for 2 hours to get there? And maybe now that it's Spring with a capital S, a person will spend more time outside walking and less time inside writing about walking?

I could go on and on. I just love me some lists.
But my bum gets bigger with every list I write...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Max and Drew are coming home tomorrow.
2. I made it through the winter with a minimal amount of whining.
3. Really. You should see how awesome the boys' bathroom looks.



ramblin'andie said...

1. Park just outside of Fort Langley (like that little hall where they have the craft fairs. It`s on the corner of 88th and Glover I think!) Walk in to Fort Langley and explore/photograph to your heart's content. Then celebrate with gelato!
2. Downtown Langley. Yeah, it can be scary sometimes, but there are lots of interesting/weird/beautiful things to take pictures of. Plus, when you're done you can celebrate by window shopping at McBurney Junction!
3. Campbell Valley Park. Drive South on 200th and you'll see the signs. There's several entrances and once you're inside, there's nature, trails and beautiful old wooden walk ways.
4. Derby Reach. Gorgeous on a sunny or a rainy day, plus it's the start of
5. The Fort to Fort Trail. Don't feel like walking the whole thing? Park at one of the rest areas along the trail and walk from there.
6. That trail that goes from Langley's outdoor swimming pool to Hi Knoll Park. I haven't done it in a few years, but if nothing else there's the Wild Bird Reserve...
7. TWU's Back 40. There's eco-preserve back there, with rare biological type things to photograph. Plus there's the woods, bridges, barns in the distance, the railway tracks and eventually the totally bizarre mixture of university buildings

I might think of more later, but those are some of my favorite spots...

Jane said...

I heart you.

ramblin'andie said...

Just take me with you sometimes, kay? I love photo walks (in case you haven't noticed!) xo