Monday, April 6, 2009

Cap Canyon, the Canuck's and Quotes

Easter is just a sneeze away and to get me in the mood, I thought I'd eat 10,000 Cream Eggs and wear fuzzy bunny slippers.
And then I thought maybe I should read this: Which had a number of underlinable sentences. I will share them with you shortly.
I will not share my cream eggs with you ever.
It was a glorious Palm Sunday here in the rainforests of Canada. The sun shone and whispered my name. It said, "Jane, come hither. Bring thouest picture-taking-device alongwith. A companion too."
So Drew and I each took a friend with us as we headed into Vancouver after church. I dropped him and Nico off at BC Place where they drooled over concept cars at the Auto Show and Sandra and I whizzed over to Capilano to check out the canyon.
This pic is with the White Balance setting on Auto:

And this is the same pic with the White Balance setting on SHADE: (Which is more accurate, because really? It was shady amongst those trees. And with all the rain we've been having? Everything was quite green.)

The Cleveland Dam, as seen from below:

The picturesque walk (called the Loop Trail) through the canyon:

She was a little freaked by this bridge. But being the trooper she is, she held on tightly to both sides and walked across without stopping or looking down.

After our loop trail walk we drove to the top of the dam and saw this:

Great big waterslide:

There was a chained link fence all across the walkway, but every once in awhile, someone thoughtfully put in these windows for us photographers:

And this guy was just, just uh just.

The four of us met back at GM Place to watch the Canuck's not play against Colorado. Yawn. I don't think I've attended a winning game in at least 2 years.
Is there a theme in my life?
I go to churches. They close down.
I go to sporting events. The home team loses.
I live with males. They all . Oh nevermind.
On to quotes: (I know. You'd rather I shared chocolate.)
"He knew the price of sin was death. He knew the source of that list of sins was you. And since he couldn't bear the thought of eternity without you, he chose the nails.
God will do whatever it takes to share with you His message. THERE IS NO PERSON HE WILL NOT USE (He illustrates this with two examples of how non-Christians actions ended up bringing someone to the Lord) AND THERE IS NO LANGUAGE GOD WILL NOT SPEAK.
... armed with nothing more than a passion to win your heart, He left heaven to come looking for you ...
When it's Saturday in your life, how do you react? When you are somewhere between (Good) Friday's tragedy and (Easter) Sunday's triumph, what do you do? Do you leave God, or do you linger near Him?"


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