Sunday, April 19, 2009

Johnny and Maria? This One's (Mostly) For You...

The not-having-my-camera thing really bugged me today.
So on my way to Greendale MB, I stopped in at Sandra's place which was totally in the opposite direction to borrow her camera. From the time I left my house, til the time I parked at the church 2 hours of time had passed.

Why did I go?
Because my cousin (Johnny and his wife, Maria)'s son, Jason's fiance, Vanessa was getting baptized tonight. This is Jason in the front row, giggling during church. I wasn't much holier. I was taking pictures during church.

This is Vanessa, sharing her testimony:

When she shared about the impact her aunt had on her faith and spiritual growth, she was crying. So I did too.
It's like yawning. Contagious.

And then!
A surprise!
Stuart, who is John and Val's daughter, Vanessa's fiance stepped into the tank to get baptized too.

He didn't cry.
So neither did I.

But he said some awfully nice things about his grandparents, his parents, his brothers and his love - Vanessa.

He is going to be an awesome husband.

And then!
Another surprise!
Jason stepped up to the microphone and shared his testimony. He and his brothers had been baptized a few years ago, so he didn't need to get re-dunked. But because he wanted to become a member at Greendale, he told his story.

I'm so glad I was there for that.

Here's the group shot of all the folks that became members at Greendale this evening:

Congrats Jason and Vanessa:

My uncle John (my dad's older brother) and aunt Mary were there to celebrate as well. Jason is their grandson:

It was a fabulous evening.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Family
2. After fiddling around for over an hour, I was finally able to download a driver for Sandra's camera onto my laptop. Why would I need to do that? Well, when Clint borrowed out my camera, he also gave away my memory card. So I used an older one that was lying around. My card reader did not recognize it. And my laptop did not recognize Sandra's camera. I was ready to hop on a plane, fly to Vegas and hunt down Clint just to smack him. But I finally prayed for God to give me a break and my next attempt at transfering the photos onto my computer worked. Yay for not having to fly to Vegas.
3. An evening of listening to testimonies. So encouraging, so uplifting, so real, so needed.

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