Sunday, April 26, 2009


To make the hospital a little easier to navigate through, they have colour coded the hallways now.
Dad is at the end of the Orange Line.
He was moved to a room with 3 female roommates at supper time tonight.
I hung out with him for abit this evening; we ate apples and talked about our summer plans.
He's got his security blanket (the DVD player) in his hands and his ear phones on at all times, so he appears to be content and settled.

And this is his supply of DVD's. In a suede covered designer box.
My mom is all class.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. He's in a room. And he seems comfortable. And the alert, complainy-type woman across the room seems capable of keeping an eye on him.
2. Had a nice quick dinner with mom and Mandi. Yay for clubhouse sandwiches.
3. Drew came to church with me this morning.
Oh, and it was sunny. Above all else, I am thankful that it was sunny.
Oh, and one other thing, I'm thankful that God loves being my God. Dave Curry, who was preaching this morning, said that he watched his daughter-in-law care for her third daughter with care and tenderness a few weeks ago, and he commented to her how awesome a mother she was. "Oh," she said, "I just love being a mom." And he reminded us that God feels the same way, He looks at us with love and tenderness and says, I just love being their God.

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