Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Rough Patch

My dad had a bit of a hard week, so my mom took him in to see the doctor on Friday. He suggested that dad go to the hospital for observation and tests. So while I was out partying on the ocean yesterday, my dad was admitted into the hospital.

He's got a fever, is retaining water (his legs and ankles are all swollen), has a wet cough, the "shakes", and is weak & confused. But. But he's not complaining. (He never complains.) He's not in pain. (He's never in pain.) He's got things to look forward to. (He always has things he looks forward to.) He is my dad.

He'll be in the hospital for the weekend. They want to readjust his meds, get rid of his fever, and get him stabilized again.

Thanks for your prayers and love.
I'll update if anything changes.

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Christine Lindsay said...

Praying for you.