Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Drew called me at lunch today and asked me to find out what the tides were like at White Rock. When I told him that low tide was at 4 pm, he warned me that he and his friends would probably want to go skim boarding after school...
Do you know how long I've waited for one of my kids to ASK me to take them to the beach?Forever.
I've waited forever.

First we had to get snacks.
Then we needed some cash.
Then we went to Nico's house for a skim board, then over to Drew's dad's house for another one.

We got to the beach just before 5 and it was still 29 degrees and wonderful.
I was told to go home and come back in a few hours.
Not bloody likely.
Then I was told to sit a few miles from where they were boarding.
Fat chance.

And at the end of the day he was disappointed that I didn't capture his good tricks with my camera.

Tomorrow night I'm having a few people over for a "Kolbe Party". Remember back in January when our entire team found out our profiles and how awesome I thought the process was?
Well, some folks were interested in finding out their MO's as well, so I put together an evening of info.

And it's tomorrow night.
Everyone has to do their online quiz first, to find out their "numbers".
Drew did his this evening.

Here are the sample questions in case you're interested.

I wasn't supposed to help him in any way. But when he came to this particular question:
I would be proud of my project if it was:
(and he's to select the ending that would fit him most of the time, and the ending that describes what he does least often)

1. exactly right
2. well organized
3. one of a kind
4. well displayed or packaged.
"How come all the answers are postive? What if I don't care about the project? What if my goal for the project was just that it was decent? I'm OK with decent. I just want to get it done."
THAT is so my boy. He just wants a C-. Why bother going for an "A" - it' just a waste of time.

Of course, if we're talking about him perfecting a ROCK BAND song, he'll put hours and hours into practising. And it's VERY important that he get 100%.
Or when he dreams about his furture 240sx, he designs the most original car he can conceive.

Anyway, when he was done, and we were waiting for his results to download, I asked him to estimate what his numbers would be.
Talk about an acute sense of self awareness.

After our usual Friday night Pizza, I took the boys down to Roger's to get an XBox game and a DVD. By now it's about 10:30 at night, and Drew, in the front seat, has his knees bent with his feet up on his seat, and his head is resting on his knees.
With his head still bent forward, and his knees sligtly apart, he opens his mouth for a big, deep yawn. Just as he's finishing it up, he says, with definite surprise in his voice, "I felt that in my penis."

Maybe you had to be there, but goodness, it was funny.
The backseat boys couldn't stop laughing.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. PERFECT Fridays like this one.

2. It doesn't get dark until after 9 pm.

3. Today is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jim!

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