Thursday, May 28, 2009

Know what? I should have painted my garage door black.

The job is done.
I can't be bothered to find pics of the house "before" - but try to remember the stucco was painted a faded peach color with white trim, a white front door and a peeling white garage door.
So this IS better.
(Ignore the grass and gardens. They will get my attention next. I can only deal with 6 things at a time, and the yard isn't one of those 6 this week.) So the color of the stucco is lovely, yes?
And the front door looks good in black, yes?

And the garage door looks OK, but it would really rock if it was dressed in black, no?
Anyway. What's done is done.
Maybe I'll be able to pay one of the kids to redo the garage door.
I can't recommend more highly College Pro Painters.
Josh Isaak and his crew did an outstanding job.
And the clincher.
AFTER I had paid him, he walked around the house with my ladder and did a last minute touch up in areas that I didn't even notice.
And later in the evening, when I went out to photograph the front of the house, I found a bouquet of hot pink gerber daisies with a thank you card from him resting on the bench at my front door.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. They had a surprise "party" for me at work today. Chocolate cake, a gift and birthday card filled with words of encouragement and affirmation. And a few folks prayed for me which made me cry.
2. I spent the evening at home doing dishes and editing & sorting digital image files. (I have NO space on this laptop. ) After the hectic-ness of the past 5 days, an evening at home was a welcome change.
3. Clint and I went for a walk tonight. It felt good to move.

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks lovely Jane.