Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Weekend that Was

Drew had me busy.
On Friday he had some friends for night and then on Saturday he had me driving in circles trying to transport the ramp from his dad's house to my mom's house. A couple attempts in a couple of vehicles, we finally got it there at 8 pm on Saturday night.

So he and his friends stayed there over night.
And Max was in Osoyoos for the weekend.
And Clint, as per usual when he is dealing with a big project at work - gives up sleep in favor of job excellence and consequently came down with a doozy of a head cold on Saturday night at 3 am when he arrived at home.
On Sunday afternoon, with little plugs of toilet paper lodged up his nostrils, he handed me this:

So I tried it out immediately:
(He took the noseplugs out first.)

A side shot to show you how nicely his eyebrow is healing.
I'm liking the flash.
It's directional.
Meaning, I can point the flashy part at the ceiling so it doesn't wash out a person's face. And no more red eye!
However, there is a 1,422 page manual I need to read.
Daryl, Julie and I took mom and dad out to the Keg for dinner tonight. Mother's Day for mom. Birthday dinner for dad.
I brought along my camera with it's new flash and annoyed everyone.

Super, super bright. Blindingly bright.
I am annoying enough with just the camera. Imagine how many people I can tick off with this new flash?
Happy Mother's Day mom.
Thank you for taking care of dad and loving us. You are awesome. And strong. And wonderful.
I heart you.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I can smell a long weekend coming up.
2. Rachel's sweet email.
3. Trevor's job offer to Max.
4. Corinne's great New York hints.
5. Freshly washed bedding. (On all the beds.) (Yes, this is what I did on Mother's Day. Dishes and laundry and weeding. Kinda glad this day is over.)
6. New flash! (Thanks guys, love you.)

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