Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 'puter had a virus or two. Or THIRTY EIGHT.

So that's why I haven't been blogging.
So. How've you been since we last talked?
I took Max to the dentist last Thursday and on our way home we stopped at Costco to pick up a few things. Like $500 worth of things.
I think I bought everything except the Reba DVD's that only cost $14.99 per season. (I was too worried about Max mocking me. But believe you me, one of these days, when no one I live with is watching, I will go back and buy me some laughter.

On Friday night, Clint and his friends went to the cabin because that would be the night that I wasn't going to be there. (No, really. He's 22 now. That's the way things are.)
Drew was babysitting. And Max was out.
So Faye and I had tea and talked about being in our 50's and needing to go back to work fulltime and how that kinda sucked. And how we each have 3 kids who come in and out of the house at all times of the day with no consideration for night-time hours.
On Saturday, I took Drew and his two friends up to the cabin, after enjoying the Saturday 5:30 service at church first. There I sat, with three 14 year olds in their long, colourful boarding shorts, wild t-shirts and skater shoes, just so happy that they were in church without a fuss.

Twenty minutes into the service, I heard a whole lot of whispers and giggles behind me, so I turned around and saw three teenaged girls with tight, tight, short, short denim shorts, ugg boots, skin tight t-shirts and faces full of makeup.

Maybe they were 14 dressed up to look like 16? Or maybe they were 19? Who knows these things?
Maybe their parents looked at them coming in to church and sighed, thinking, "at least they're here..."

Our weekend at the cabin was lovely.
On Sunday morning, I woke up and found this note:

In addition to hiking (aka "the Grand Adventure"), the boys played board games, practiced their skateboard tricks, played frisbee, went swimming and helped me clean.

Drew and I spent a few hours late on Sunday afternoon at the clinic where it was determined that he did not, in fact, have cancer of the ear, but rather an outer canal infection. (aka "swimmer's ear")

He was in some kind of pain.

He made quite the fuss when I put in his ear drops.

Action shot:

Best buds:

My fav pic of Clint and Max, framed and on display at the cabin:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Yay! My 'puter is fixed. Thank you Daryl. Love you.
2. I get to take grad pics this weekend. Yay for grads.
3. I'm going on a cruise! This summer! With my dad and mom and their friends! To Alaska! Coming with us? Max, Drew and Mandi! Expect to see many photos of ice posted here in a few months.

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raych said...

One time I came home from college where I had the only computer in a 4-girl house and hadn't yet learned how to say no, and I dumped my laptop on my dad and was all, Fix this.

Some three hours later, he comes out of his office blinking and shaking his head, all You had thousands of viruses.