Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Week

After work we had a staff dinner in Carson and Brenda's backyard: Our Board of Directors flew in from all over North America for it's annual meeting:
My job was to get a group shot of them all:

Dinner was fabulous. Brenda made it all. (Well, Carson BBQ'ed - but she did the rest.)

There were 22 of us I think.
The rule was we were supposed to sit at tables with folks we didn't know. (ie - staff were to sit with board members. And talk.)

Afterwards, the board "affirmed" each of us staffers by reading certificates specially written just for us.
I cried when they read mine.
Heck I cried when they read ANYONE's.
Wanna know what mine said?
If anyone in the Arrow office holds the world record of embracing more of life's challenges than anyone we know, it's you Jane. You have an incredible ability to deal with life head on, and embrace times of challenge and times of blessing with enthusiasm and grace.
You have the gift of seeing beauty in everything around you, reflecting it personally by capturing it so well with your camera and in the words you write to describe each miracle of creation. Your inner beauty reflects the divine spectrum of God's beauty. And you have the ability to engage your personal creativity in bringing ideas, images, and life experiences together in a living mosaic that relects the Creator.
You are fabulous on execution, and can change direction on a dime. Excellent skills for working in the dynamic Arrow office environment. And your flexibility in incorporating new ideas and information for all those associated with Arrow, is a welcome touchstone for those of us on the Board.
And finally, you have the gift of holy laughter. There is really no other way to describe it. Your sense of humor mirrors God's sense of humor as He laughs delightedly with His children, as only our God can do. We look forward to many more opportunities of laughing together with you in the future.
Wouldn't you tear up if they said these nice things about you? Well? Wouldn't you?
Anyways, it was a lovely evening. And Shannon is here for night. She's sleeping on the living room couch. Clint is reading on the couch in the front hall. Drew is on the family room couch, playing video games. I'm sitting at the kitchen counter, blogging and yawning. Max is in bed already. 5:45 comes early. (4 hours from now.)
I tell you, I'm going to arrive in New York exhausted.
And no, I still haven't cancelled Clint's flight. Still hoping some miracle will happen.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I work for a great organization.
2. Five more sleeps til we go.
3. Warm evenings, fresh air, friends.


Anonymous said...

Of course I would cry...and I did while reading your affirming tribute. So true - all of it.


Anonymous said...

Jane, I love that you shared this with us. Whoever wrote that is so right. WHenever you are feeling down, just read it again. Plus, I'm glad you haven't canceled the flight. I am still praying.

Tricia said...

I just learned so much more about you, reading that....and I would have needed a box of tissues if it were written to me.

glor said...

Now I'm crying...