Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Good Day at the Office

I got up, drove to Horseshoe Bay, walked on the Queen of Surrey ferry to Langdale, then hopped into a speedboat and was zipped across the bay to Keat's Island. THAT is the best commute EVER. My job for the day was to photograph the Arrow leaders who were at Barnabas for a week of leadership development training.
Tough gig, I know.

Because Arrow uses the facilities at Barnabas regularly, I was to photograph the camp as well.

Yeah, it was a struggle.

Unfortunately my deodorant failed me.
It was hot. And I was moving around alot.
And Dove didn't measure up. Sad but true.

Ty and I were transported via water taxi back to the Langdale Ferry at 6:30, arriving at Horseshoe Bay at 7:10 pm.

I got myself onto the Lion's Gate Bridge and called Jule.
"Hi. Are you near a computer? Can you google map a route for me? From West Van to UBC through downtown Vancouver..."
I was on my way to Regent College for their free public lecture on "Engaging Athiests" or something like that. Clint, Carolyn, Larry, Brendan, Leanne, and Dan were going to meet me there.
I got lost at UBC. Jule had to direct me street by street.
I ended up being 15 minutes late. My deodorant was still not working. So that made it difficult for me to concentrate fully on the speaker, you know?

He eventually did manage to break into my self-centred thoughts and cause me to listen - he was just that good. Maybe it's because, as Clint said afterwards, his English accent was so soothing. Likely it was because his topic was compelling and he was a skilled communicator.
Anyway, it was a fantastic day - 48 hours after I turned 48 and well, I'm loving this age.

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