Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Open. The New Bridge! We Walked On It Today:

So did a lot of other people:
Sandra and I parked at the Colossus, then jumped on the free shuttle. It felt like a shuttle to Disneyland... much anticipation.

Weather-wise, it was a glorious day. Perfect for snapping some photos.

Someday I can tell my grandkids "I walked over this bridge the day before it opened. It was like a party. No, your dad(s) didn't do it. They were busy playing video games."

Some folks walked over, but some had wheels.

It was designed to be a pedestrian bridge as well as a car-traffic bridge - so I guess anyone will be able to walk over it (if they stay on the sidewalks) any ol'time.
Mini car show on the bridge deck:

And for the kids (and kids at heart, like Sandra) there was a "passport over the bridge" stamping station set up.

Kids could also get great big stickers that said, "I cut the ribbon ..."

Sandra got one too.

My kids better walk over the Brooklyn Street Bridge with me in New York...

Yoga Class on the bridge. Wow, those are bragging rights not to many folks will have. Or want.

Our police don't always wear red and ride horses:

A few things I'm thankful for:

1. Wether or not Clint comes with us to New York is out of my hands. I've got to give that to God. And then leave it be.
2. Whether or not Max passes his Math 10 Provincial next Monday is out of my hands. I've got to leave that with God too.

3. I don't have time to finish this. Scheduled outage happens it 30 seconds, will update tomorrow.

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