Saturday, July 4, 2009

House Cleaning

Revisiting "The List"
101 Things To Do in the Next 1,001 Days
June 1, 2006 til Feb 26, 2009

(Yes, this list was supposed to have been completed by Feb 26, but I gave myself some grace because during this time period there were blocks of time ( 4 - 5 months) when this list wasn't a priority - caring for my parents was.)

But even with the extra months, I didn't get it all done.
Bold = completed.

1. Remove the damn chippies from the garage. Mind you, now they're in the crawl space...
2. Get a new hair do. Probably time for another new one. But at least the long pony tail is gone.
3. Try 10 new recipes. (works out to one every 100 days) You'd think I could manage this one, wouldn't you? Embarrasing to say I only tried one.
4. Buy a laptop.
5. Enter a photography contest. This was a huge mistake. It was a scam.
6. Take a challenging photography class.
7. Attend a family re-union.
8. Do the Sun Run in less than 90 minutes.
9. Figure out a long-term solution to my facial hair problem.
10. Try a fruit not previously tasted.
11. Try a vegetable not previously tasted.
12. Lose 10 pounds.
13. Lose another 10 pounds.
14. Lose an additional 10 pounds.
15. Lose 10 more pounds.
16. And again with the 10 pounds. UGH. Why oh why couldn't I have done this? Oh, I know! It's because I eat too much.
17. Plant grass in back corner of yard.
18. Finish Europe scrapbook.
19. Hire someone to wash all the blinds.
20. Buy another lens for my camera.
21. Read through the Bible. Twice. Two different versions.
22. Plant 10 scented flowering plants in the backyard.
23. See the Northern Lights.
24. Explore a Gulf Island. We explored a few cities instead.
25. Go tenting. SO not my thing.
26. Enjoy an evening of live theatre.
27. See a musical.
28. Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. Actually it wasn't the VANCOUVER gallery - I visited ones in Montreal and New York. Does so count.
29. Have dinner at a new restaurant
30. Go quadding.
31. Watch Season 4 of West Wing.
32. Watch Season 5 of West Wing.
33. Watch Season 6 of West Wing.

34. Watch Season 2 of Lost.
35. Join Murrayville Church. They closed before I had the chance.
36. Submit an article to the Herald.
37. Have house painted a non-peach color.
38. Sponsor another child.
39. Make a batch of canned peaches.
40. Read 100 books. I think I made it to 100...
41. Go to Cannon Beach in Oregon with my boys. Show them the rock where The Goonies was filmed.
42. Volunteer in a soup kitchen. Went on a missions trip to Mexico instead. I should get bonus points for this.
43. Offer to babysit a newborn.
44. Go on a hike in the Vedder/Chilliwack area.
45. Go on a hike in the Golden Ears area. I walked over the Golden Ears bridge - does that count?
46. Go on a hike in the Whistler area.
47. Snowboard one more time.
48. Do a front flip on the trampoline.
49. Grow a citrus tree in the greenhouse.
50. Observe Lent.
51. Give out grocery gift certificates to street people.
52. Try to arrange a vacation house swap.
53. Go to the Okanagan in the fall and pick apples.
54. Enter everyone’s phone numbers into my cell phone. Seriously. Still not done.
55. Visit 3 different Vancouver beaches.
56. Watch the Fireworks from a location other than Kits Beach.
57. Visit the Asian Market in Richmond.

58. See a show at the Pacific Theatre.
59. Buy a black bra.
60. Throw out all obsolete files.
61. Buy a new mattress for my room at Cultus. I think I've only stayed at Cultus 1/2 dozen times in the past 1001 days...
62. Repaint walls in hallway. This SO needs to be done.
63. Have a picnic in 6 previously unvisited parks.
64. Bake a pie.
65. Apply to go to Europe with Drew’s class. (He didn't even go with his class...)
66. Have laser surgery on eyes. Or buy a dozen pairs of reading glasses.
67. Deal with old journals. They are so gone.
68. Enlarge and frame summer photographs for empty walls in room at Cultus.
69. Buy a denim jacket.
70. Get glove box fixed in truck.
71. Have moles removed.
72. Go bowling.
73. Play lazer tag.
74. Go for 101 days without chocolate. They weren't consecutive days though.
75. Replace the fridge.
76. Learn a new craft. Take a class. Digi scrapping. I suck at it.
77. Send 100 birthday/greeting cards
78. Visit a non-Mennonite place of worship
79. Make a new friend.

80. Try 10 different types/flavours of tea. Turns out, I'm not much of a hot beverage fan.
81. Drink 1,001 litres of water.
82. Take a computer graphics software course.
83. Go to Buchart’s Gardens.
84. Go to VanDusen Gardens.
85. Go to Minter Gardens.
86. Go to Sendall Gardens.
87. Purchase couch.
88. Pray for 100 people once a week.
89. Host a dance.
90. Make a doctor’s appointment. Have a complete physical.
91. Book a spa weekend at Harrison. Facial, Massage, Pedicure…
92. Finish photograph album project.
93. Write a letter to an author I admire.
94. Attend a book-reading event.
95. Attend a lecture/speaking event at Regent College.
96. Attend a lecture/speaking event at TWU.
97. Attend a lecture/speaking event at CBC.
98. Float on an air mattress on a river.
99. Float on an air mattress on a lake.
100. Float on an air mattress in a pool.
101. Visit my grandparents’s graves. I visited all their houses instead. Way more meaning.

55% is my final score.
My kids have trained me well.

I will make a new list one of these days. I need lists. They give my life definition. I know, I know. Don't even bother commenting on that last statement.

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