Saturday, August 29, 2009

Going to Shuswap for the Weekend Didn't Turn Out

So I fell asleep on the lounge in my backyard in the afternoon sun, then went to church to hear the final message on the 19 week James series. It was on prayer and it rocked.

Then I came home and watched this:
What a thinker of a movie.
Homelessness and mental health.
Anyone else seen this? Wanna talk?
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Sermons on James.
2. Sunny afternoons.
3. Sons.

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Christine Lindsay said...

I saw it with my family and totally loved it. It's not an 'entertaining' sort of story at all, but so full of truth. I loved it when the character (can't remember his name right now) played his cello in the homeless center for all the poor people. It spoke to my heart that sometimes the way God uses the gifts He gave us are not always in the nicest, most comfortable of places. But He was the One who gave the gift in the first place, and it's up to HIm where and when it is used. This movie touched me in a very personal way. As a writer who knows for sure that God called me to write, I do not know exactly how God wants to use that gift. It may be that he speaks to only one or two hearts on my blog, and not necessarily a book deal. Thanks for posting this one.