Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I didn't recognize him when he came through security:

That's a 12 day beard... he stopped shaving when he got sick.
And he had to tighten his belt by 2 notches - he lost so much weight.
We went to Costco tonight and spent $400 on food. He wants to "bulk up".
And just to prove how Menno I am, this is what Drew and I ate for supper LAST night:
Watermelon and roll kuchen.
Now that Clint is home, we'll be eating differently. Lots of carbs and protien.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Clint's home.
2. Max got notification in the mail today - the Math 10 monkey is OFF HIS BACK. Yay. Passed.
3. Drew will be 15 in a few days.
4. Mom's cast will come off this week?
So much to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

That dinner looks awesome! Did you make the rull kuchen, my boys have never had it so if you could pass along a recipe?

Anonymous said...

I haven't had roll kuchen since I was a kid...a recipe would be great!