Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jus sittin in the backyard readin ...

I liked it.
You won't find it in any Christian Book Store as it's a little graphic in places ... but if you can handle the "p" word you just might like it. It's alot like the Red Tent.
It's the story of Sarah (Abraham of the Bible's wife) and it is probably loosely based on the truth. Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A long weekend with absolutely nothing to do. I'm thankful for that. But still wishing I had made some sort of plans. Maybe I'm a little bit bored?
2. The moon that I am looking at tonight is the same one Clint is looking at. And the God I pray to is the same one Clint is serving. Hoping that I will hear from him soon. Maybe if I was busier this weekend I wouldn't spend so much time wondering/worrying about a boy who was pretty sick earlier in the week. If you've got a minute, how about sending him a note/leaving a comment on his blog? Thanks. I love you.
3. Watermelon. Cold, crisp, sweet, cut up pieces of watermelon. We are eating one a day around here. That's good, right?



Trev said...

Ummmm...I give up, what's the "p" word?

Jane said...