Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make August Count

Those were the three words I wrote in my journal on the first of August.
Why do I do things like that?
Who needs the pressure.

On a totally different note, I've added another blog to my side bar: Bob's Motorcycle Adventure. He's back now, but while he was gone (45 days) he blogged about his trip - motorcycling around the four corners of the USA. (Blaine to San Diego to Key West to Prince Edward Island then back across the top - home again. 14,313 miles. (Don't get your panties all bunched up - Yes, I know Prince Edward Island isn't a corner of the States.)

Who's Bob and why would I link his blog? He's my Facebook Scrabble friend. And he always beats me. If all the words on his blog make your eyes bleed, just look at the pictures then. Great photography.

Hey. Do you live in Moncton, Toronto, Edmonton or Calgary?
You totally should come to this event:

Go here for more deets.
Uh, don't you love that pic? (The parkbench one? Yeah. I picked it.)

"Mom? I thought you got the sliding door fixed? It's broken again..."
"Mom? The vacuum cleaner's broken. Piece of crap..."
"Mom? The blender leaks and is a piece of crap..."
"Mom? Can you come pick me up from work? I threw up and feel like crap."

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Clint is at the North West Washington Fair tonight. YAY. A computer I can use. Sadly, none of "my" stuff is on this one...

2. I am SO thankful it's just chalk paint. (Drew spray painted some bright pink grafitti on the outside side wall of the house ("oh, like anyone ever walks there. What's your problem? No one is going to see it." (Yes this would be the same house that I just paid painters good money to change it from peach to brown. And now it's got pink hightlights? Daughters wouldn't do this. I know they wouldn't.) Apparently after a season of rain, it will "wash" right off. And no he's not going to wash it off. He's never heard of anything so ridiculous. Anyone want a 15 year old. He's super cute when he sleeps.

3. I'm glad my dad and mom live in an air-conditioned home. She has to wear that cast for ANOTHER month. Holey Hannah. Please pray that those bones of hers will knit themselves together.


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