Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Things

I am Thankful:

1. That Clint is getting his license back this weekend. And that my dad is letting me borrow his truck while we figure out what to do for transportation for Max next month.

2. That I just might have the opportunity to go to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for a weekend this fall. I love my job...

3. That blueberry coffee cake tastes so good.

4. That our staff devotions were so personal this morning.

5. That we have calendars.

6. For old soft pajamas.

7. For Clint. He fixed the lawnmower and did the lawn. AND he pruned the grapevine.

8. For Max. He was home sick again today, (but he's much better than yesterday) and he brought my sleeping bag down to work so that Shannon could borrow it this weekend.

9. For Drew. For no reason. Just because.

10. For my mom who gave me some turkey leftovers. Yes. Fresh turkey leftovers in August.

11. That God loves me and my kids.


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