Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Put Up 80 Pounds

"I have planned a surprise activity for us on Sunday afternoon. Can you be here at 1 pm? Bring your camera...."
I thought we were going on a walk, because we haven't gone to the beach for gelato yet this summer. (I know!)

Instead, this is what greeted me:

Yay! We canned peaches. (See post after this one, for an explanation of this next photo.)

I helped.
Well, I helped when I wasn't facebooking or blogging or checking emails.
Her laptop was calling to me...
I so need a computer that works at my house.

The flavor of summer, right here:

And I can check this one off my list.
I canned peaches.

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Anonymous said...

My mother was canning beets today...we will enjoy these all winter. Isn't it true that there's nothing better than looking at a counter full of completed jars, all ready to go into cold storage for the months ahead?