Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Praying for My Friend, Rachel

Check out her blog, over there on the side. (Books I Done Read)
Rachel, praying that you kicked The Cancer's Butt.


I like the new Crown Royale TV commercials.


I watched Julia Childs on public TV make omelettes tonight. I LOVE her.


Clint's first day of university was today. 13 hours of classes. He just dropped by unexpectedly, bringing his cousin, Jesse. They appreciated the warm-from-the-oven chocolate chips cookies that were cooling on the counter. And glasses of cold milk. I rock as a mom to come home to. Oh and he loves all his classes.


Drew seems to love his classes too. He's shaken up his morning routine... instead of me dragging him out of bed at 8:15 (school starts at 8:24) he has FOR TWO MORNINGS IN A ROW - gotten up at 7:30, had a shower and eaten breakfast. Like a normal person. So far he's been to school on time 100% of the days this school year.


They're still making new episodes of Two and a Half Men? How old is that kid? He must be a teenager by now.


I should just go to bed. I'm rambling.
My friends have been sleeping for hours. I tried calling two of them at 10 pm and woke them both up, My bad.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. September is an awesome month, no?
2. Martha Stewart is on David Letterman, right now. I love her. I think Dave does too.
3. Reba is on Conan right now. I love her as well.

Am I gay? I sure am lovin on women tonight.
Just Kidding.



Tricia said...

Harry Potter dies!?
I went to Rachels blog and read through her posts.She is one funny gal!
I can't believe I made it two years without finding out that its Harry who dies in the last book, and then reading through her blog and BAM! she casually mentions it. I bought the book when it first came out 2 years ago. I guess I really should get around to reading it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a month.
I'm a PERSON and I would appreciate it if all the dumb month jokes would stop right this instant.
Yeah. I know you weren't talking about me, but I thought you were and I got excited and then realized you weren't and that's only one of the reasons that it's hard to be September in the month of September.