Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Should Own Comfortable Shoes, Shouldn't I?

You'd think I was walking across Canada on my own two feet the way they are complaining tonight.
And my eyes.
When did they get so old and tired?
It probably didn't help that I reading a tiny googled map (printed by a printer with very little coloured ink left in the cartridge) while driving on an unfamiliar highway in a foreign city through reading glass lenses covered in hairspray during rush hour in a vehicle that I had never driven before.

Other than that?
This has been a fine adventure. I've learned so much. My jedi-master believes I have been well-trained in the art of negotiating upgrades in car rentals and hotel rooms.
Glad I took the first two days to sightsee and explore. Because since Monday morning? All I've seen are hotels, rental cars, airports and airplanes, the interiors of a few churches and Darren, Jim and Sharon.

And ask me about conflict.
I've heard the first two hours of the seminar three times in a row. So I can identify it. And can list the four unhealthy ways that people respond to it. But I'm always on my way to the airport as they finish up, so I still don't know what a redemptive response to conflict is. Trying to avoid it is not the right answer, I'm guessing.

But tomorrow I'll sit through the second half of the teaching and will be an expert at conflict resolution by 4 pm Mountain Standard Time. It's just that easy.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Free upgrade to an executive suite tonight. I have two televisions. And haven't turned either of them on.
2. Going to be in bed by 11:30 tonight. Whoo Hoo. 7 hours of sleep.
3. Facebook chat.
4. My travelling companions.
5. Rachel's surgery went well. Thanks for praying.
6. Katie Ekkert is home, after getting H1N1 flu in Japan.
7. It's a Pro D Day on Friday.


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