Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leading Through Conflict Tour:

On Monday we were in Moncton, Tuesday we were in Toronto, Wednesday in Edmonton and Thursday in Calgary.
Here are some images from the busiest week of my life:
Sunny and warm in Calgary:
This is Jim. He did most of the teaching. We tired him out. He opted to rest instead of have lunch: (When he's awake, he's very funny. And dynamic. A great speaker.)

Twas frostly in Edmonton:

I drove a 2009 Dodge Caravan in Toronto (red), in Edmonton (silver), in Calgary (black):

This is Sharon. She also taught. She rocks:

These are the dutchmen I work with. They like each other :)

Calgary, behind the church:

... and across the street:

What did I learn?
I learned there are about 20 ways to respond when in conflict and THEY ALL ARE WRONG. I am guilty of using those wrong ways 100% of the time.
Yay me.
No wonder I'm single.
I bought some 'conflict assessment' forms for me and the kids to do together. It helps us identify those responses that escalate the conflict and prevent it from being resolved. Knowledge is power, right? Once they KNOW how NOT to respond, they won't, right? We WILL be a happy, functioning family after we fill out those forms, right?
The whole experience (from traveling by myself, to being the traveling administrator, to learning about conflict) was a good stretch for me. Nothing like spending 7 days outside of one's comfort zone to appreciate the coziness of one's comfort zone.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I live in a beautiful country.
2. I learnt something.
3. You can add more hours to your day by travelling west every 24 hours.

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