Sunday, November 15, 2009

So On Friday ... Then on Saturday... and Finally, on Sunday -

Know what one of my veriest favortist things to do is?
Browse in bookstores.
And luckily, on Friday night, I had a friend that was totally interested in doing that too.
So we hung out at House of James, checking out the new books, the on-special books and the used books with Jacob Moon singing live in the coffee shop below.

From there we sat in Boston Pizza and nibbled on the $75 feast we had ordered (intending all along to bring our leftovers to our families.) We're pretty thoughtful that way.

I was home by 11 and in bed by midnight because I had an early morning on Saturday. Drew had some friends for night, and Max was home too - but I have responsibilities, man. Can't stay up til 3 every night.
I was up at 7:30 and out the door at 8.
I know, right?
I don't even do that on regular working days.
Arrow was presenting a Mentoring Connections Workshop at Gracepoint, and I was the registration person, the coffee break person, the lunch person, the book sales person, and the cleaner-upper person. Without going into detail, I can give you a glimpse at how good I am at these things by sharing this story... At 10:00 am, instead of being inside the church basement laying the Tim Horton muffins and donuts on the coffee counter, I was in the parking lot of the church, jiggling and banging on all the locked doors with boxes of baked goods at my feet.
So I got home at 2:30 pm, did the dishes, did a load of laundry, had a shower, gave Drew and his friends some money for dinner and left at 4:45 to pick up 4 friends who said they'd join me at Northview's 5:30 service.
Know what?
I love going to church on Saturday night.
Know what else?
I love it even more when I have friends along.
And know what else? Getting a case of the giggles half way through the sermon is totally inappropriate and completely immature and wildly fun and unbelievably embarrassing, especially when the pew starts shaking.
Know what even else?
Jacob Moon was there, as a special guest, and he did 2 songs, which were awesome. You totally should get his new CD.
Jus sayin'
Afterwards, we went to Milsean's in Aldergrove and if you've never been there, you totally should. And when you go, ask Marj (who's two daughters work there) if she'd like to join you. Then ask her to tell you her funny story and I dare you not to laugh. I could not get a grip. And I had no makeup left on my face by the time I was under control again.

Drew's friends were staying for night, so we ordered in pizza at midnight, and all was right in my world. Max had gone to the Kiss concert and was staying at my dad and mom's place for night, so with all kids accounted for, I went to bed content. And not one bit worried about my high blood pressure. Know why? Because I tried to tell those three 15 year old boys Marj's funny story. And I couldn't finish, I was laughing too hard. Laughing so hard that I couldn't stand up. Laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. Laughing so hard that all three boys started to laugh too. And just like that, I knew my blood pressure had probably dropped by twelveteen hunnderd points and I was going to be OK.
And then the most bestest part of the weekend happened this morning.
Drew went to church with his friends.
I KNOW, right? How awesome.
I'm still smiling.
For supper tonight, we all got together to celebrate Zac's and Max's 19th birthdays at Montana's where everyone seemed to be in good moods. This is not always the case. But tonight? The stars were in alignment with the fifteenth moon and the seventh sun was orbiting in the dingon galaxie and no one was in the throes of PMS so it was wonderful.
I dropped Drew and his snowboard gear off at Brett's house where he was spending the night. It's a Pro D Day tomorrow and the local mountains are open and calling to him. Just as I walked in the door, Karm called and asked if I'd like to come over and watch an East Indian movie with her and her Ahj:

He's from England/India originally and had heard this was a good one.
It was OK.
Loved the dance sequence, the shots of the fields, and I loved the beauty in the actresses:

I'm a little bit tired now.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I've already baked the cake, I just have to add the frosting. (Maybe I'll do that in the morning.)
2. It's super windy outside and I love the sound.
3. The break I had this weekend from all the worrying.


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