Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6:00 Am

Heavenly Father,

Let ______ thirst for a drink from your river of delights rather than for anything that alcohol offers. Ps 36:8

Help _____ to be self-controlled and alert, knowing that Satan is her enemy and on the prowl and looking for someone to devour. When Satan tries to use alcohol to cause her to stumble, help her to stand firm and resist his evil schemes. I Pet 5: 8 - 10

When _____ is tempted by alcohol or peer pressure, do not him be tempted beyond what he can bear. Open his eyes so that he can see the way out, and help him to stand firm. 1 Cor 10:13

When _____ wander in the desert, lost and homeless, rescue her from her distress and lead her to a place of safety. When she sits in darkness and deepest gloom, rebelling against Your word and scorning Your counsel, lead her out and snap her chains. When she makes foolish decisions, heal her; when she heads off on her own, let her see your power in action. In the years to come, may we look at our family history and see your faithful love Lord.


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